Identifying potential Greenland halibut spawning areas and nursery grounds off East and South-western Greenland and its management implications


Spawning and nursery grounds are poorly described for the West Nordic stock of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) and the entire stock is assumed to originate from a common spawning ground southwest of Iceland. Greenland halibut with hydrated eggs in their ovary were caught during a gillnet survey in 1995 in Greenland waters. This suggests that the spawning areas for the West Nordic stock are not limited to the previously described area southwest of Iceland. Further this paper provides information on distribution of immature Greenland halibut in the fjords of East Greenland. The densities in Tasilaq area suggest that this area may be part of a nursery area in the West-Nordic management unit. However, the importance of this area to the stock is currently unknown. The results have potential implications for the management of the West Nordic Greenland halibut as the management seems to comprise of several stocks, or perhaps a meta-population.

Journal of Sea Research, IEEE.